Wardrobe Stylist Florida, Miami

This session usually takesbetween 3 to 4 hours
This service assumes the analysis of the seasonal wardrobeSpring / Summer or Fall / Winter

Do you know the sad wardrobe statistics?: 80% of time we wear just 20% of our clothes! Just imagine how inefficiently we spend money for clothes and accessories.

“Wardrobe Stylist and Wardrobe Analysis” – is a service which will save you from the situation of “having nothing to wear”, in addition to saving you time and money. This can be accomplished by consulting and instructing you on how to combine your existing clothes effectively, as well as to choose missing wardrobe items correctly.

There will finally appear lots of free effectively used space and order in your closet. The finished outfits which will be created special for you will help you to be instantly ready for work every morning without puzzling over the question of what to wear. And the recommendations on purchasing of missing wardrobe items will save you a huge amount of time and money.

How it works:

The professional stylist comes to your home.
We analyze every single cloth and put them into 3 categories:
1 – things which suit you perfectly. You will be able to decide on available clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry which actually suits you and the best way to combine it.

2 – clothes which can be adapted for your shape. I am a supporter of the most careful attitude to clothes, that`s why I often don`t recommend people to get rid of them, but to refine them – to make it right for your body shape, to change the style, to mix with another color, etc.
3 – things which you should thow away.

Your wardrobe will be freed from clothes wrong for you and out-of-date items.

This session usually takesbetween 3 to 4 hours
This service assumes the analysis of the seasonal wardrobeSpring / Summer or Fall / Winter

    I make new outfits from the remaining clothes.

    At the end of my evaluation you will find out the major elements of your wardrobe — clothes which are basic for you. I will prepare a list of necessary purchases for you with consideration of your lifestyle and your personal goals. It will contain items which complement already available things of your wardrobe for creating or competing fresh looks.

    As a professional wardrobe stylist, I will create all possible looks from the available clothes and I will photograph them. As a result you will get your personal lookbook, thanks to which you will always have in sight the best no-lose pictures of looks. It assists the selection process before your working day or the important event.

    After a “WARDROBE ANALYSIS” you will get a feeling like you have already done your shopping.

    You can also order this service online.

    1. We meet over Skype and make a “WARDROBE ANALYSIS” directly in front of the computer or phone. The main requirement is good lighting from your side. Online WARDROBE ANALYSIS takes no more than 3 hours.
    2. You photograph ALL your clothes (including outerwear, shoes, accessories, jewelry) and send me these pictures. I make a LookBook during 2-3 days, where you will find the detailed recommendations concerning your wardrobe — clothes which you should refuse and why you should do it, the way you can combine interestingly the remaining clothes and what you should buy. I send LookBook on email.