Personal Shopper Miami, Florida

Coming to the store you get lost in a huge assortment of clothes, shoes and accessories? Your closet is stuffed with clothes up to the top but still you spend more than one hour in front of open closet doors every morning realizing that you have nothing to wear?

If you face all above difficulties, accompanied shopping or personal shopper service is exactly what you need! Personal shopping with a stylist will give you lots of fun, save you time and money.
Accompanied shopping with a stylist – an effective way to make your purchases rational and your wardrobe balanced.

We’ll find out what you need:

  • to create a new look for particular event; 
  • to make a seasonal wardrobe storage refill;
  • or to completely transfigure your style.
  • The personal shopper makes a Shopping List, taking into account the existing wardrobe, preferable style and customer`s lifestyle.
  • The personal shopper ponders a Shopping Route beforehand. It is an individual job of Image Consultant in the store and after that the stylist makes a selection of needed items of clothing. 1-1,5 hours later the customer comes to try on outfits which Image Consultant chose according to a pre-agreed shopping list. It makes shopping extra effective and fast. After that you make your own decision which things to buy and which not.
  • The personal shopper spends the whole time with a client at the same time giving useful advices (picking the optimal style and the best colour combinations of clothes).
  • The personal shopper doesn’t choose the clothes based on personal discretion. He works with individual customers` tasks and that`s why he choose only those items of clothes which are most suited to the individual.
  • The personal shopper works with a fixed budget and based on it he chooses price segment stores for purchases.