Personal styling Miami, Florida

Duration2 - 3 hours

I will create you personal style. It`s going to be a unique style for you but unattainable for others.

My task is to tell people that they should not imitate the icons of style but they need to know themselves and don`t chase for fashion labels. The most important thing of clothes is you. If your outfit and style suit you perfect, people around you notice the shine of your eyes instead of your dress colour, your beautiful figure and the perfect taste instead of brand.

This is exactly what distinguishes personal style from fashion, as usual girls confuse these concepts. As a result these girls are becoming a “fashion victim.”

There is the most often the situation when glossy magazines dictate their readers the clothes style and lifestyle they should have. And most of girls accept it humbly and they even don`t pay attention to fact that they “dance after somebody`s pipe” losing their personality. Well said, that the Fashion is at the clothes, but the style is in the person which wears it.

Duration2 - 3 hours

    Starting to correct your style we come up to profound changes way. After all, the appearance is a reflection of mental state, desires, beliefs, complexes of person.

    All of that is very individually but such information is read extremely fast. When I create the clients` style, my task is to make them feel comfortable and harmoniously. As a result of Coach-session we will be able to make goals for which you need a new image, and also we will determine the obstacles which prevent you to achieve the goals.

    We will determine your “Comfort zone”, values and we will answer to the next questions: “What kind of women you are”, “What do you want to get”, “Which way your image can help you to achieve your goals”.

    A well-formed image will let you to rise up in the career ladder, to succeed in business, to impress colleagues and people around you, to solve your personal life problems.

    As a result of the consultation your wardrobe will not contain items of clothes which were accidentally purchased or you have bought them because of huge sales.

    You will find out all secrets to look stylish.

    You will realize which style suits your individuality; you will have illustrations, your personal LookBook where you will find more than 100 pages step-by-step instruction for your personal and successful style.

    Probably there is no girl in the whole World which would be absolutely satisfied of her body. Every woman can stare at her body flaws for hours but at the same time she doesn`t even notice her advantages. Nevertheless, absolutely all women have them and women just should accentuate them. This is the purpose of Body Shape Consultation.

    At this consultation the professionals evaluate objectively body type of woman, they use accurate calculations method they make the necessary measurements, calculate proportions and determine a body shape. It is necessary before further choosing of clothes according to her body shape and to pick a style and accessories – according to her body constitution and proportions.

    Most of women are afraid to visit such a consultation for fear of criticism. However, it is necessary to remember that the main goal of such specialist isn`t to point out your body flaws but to focus on your advantages which you could not notice because you were concentrating on flaws.

    Moreover, the consultant will help you to remove the flaws: let’s say, consultant will show you the way to visually lengthen your legs with help of well-chosen style, to highlight the waist or to make you look taller.

    Or, on the contrary, to add the appearance of a few extra pounds.

    The result

    • You will learn about your body shape and its characteristics, specific style rules for your body proportions, your perfect styles and textures for every items of your wardrobe, print forms and size of accessories and jewelry.
    • You will be able to formulate clearly the requirements for clothing. Choice of clothes items will become easier and more effective for you.
    • You will find out your own way to combine your clothes for creating the harmonious style and perfect wardrobe.
    • You will get your personal LookBook according to your body shape where you will find more than 100 pages of step-by-step instruction with illustrations of dress style, pants and skirts models, and type of neckline.
    • You will get the whole necessary information which let you feel confidence choosing clothes and accessories when you do your shopping.