Personal stylist online

The stylist consultation online is a service focused on helping clients which don’t have the opportunity to meet with me personally.

So, nowadays the distance is not a problem because you can get comprehensive answers on style and image creation online from the professional stylist and image consultant.

Goals and tasks of online discussion:

  • you fill in the application form and send me your photos;
  • I identify your color type and create your individual color palette;
  • I determine your body type, then I make the visual correction of your body and next I pick up the silhouette of clothes, colors and fabric which will accentuate your virtues;
  • I determine your face shape, hairstyle, hair colour and make-up;
  • I make a list of basic wardrobe clothes you need;
  • I give the advices about choosing accessories and decorative cosmetics;
  • I will tell you about fashion trends of the season;

I will give you recommendations of good clothing combinations which will help you to avoid unnecessary waste.
I need from you:

  • 2 your photos (full-length and portrait);
  • as much as it possible useful facts about yourself (age, body options, interests, motivation etc.);
  • a desire to change yourself.

You leave the request.

I get in touch with you and tell you the details.

You mail me your photos and self-information.
You get a ready presentation of style with explanation in 5 days.