Men's style

“You will not have a second chance to make a first impression”

Coco Chanel


Why do an image and a style matter?


Man`s clothing is a kind of “message” to the world and to people around. This way man demonstrates his preferences to the type of people he would like to be around with.


Man`s appearance is a very essential part of his personality and no matter how often he`s showed up to the public. It says about his character and his lifestyle as well as it shows his abilities and his confidence. That`s why a style and image are so matter nowadays.


You have only 30 seconds to make a first impression!


There is the one reason why your clothes have to be carefully picked is because of your feeling when you are in it. If you feel comfortable in your clothes it seems like your body language is more positive and powerful, the eye contact is more pleasant as well as your voice is stronger and more confident.


Choosing clothes men`s very often rely on their mom, wife or girlfriend. BUT! Remember, a family intervention into your wardrobe represents only their picture of you but not yours.

    Image and style consultation

    Duration:  2-3 hours


    Goals and tasks:

    • to find your own style, looking rich, with luster;
    • to achieve certain goals;
    • to look solid, modern and attractive;
    • to develop a sense of good taste as well as to learn to form your style in your own;
    • to diversify your wardrobe color scheme, to find out which colors will make you to look younger;
    • to learn to choose clothes which fit you well in your own;
    • to know how to choose a proper clothes for any event.


    Transformation process

    • You will come to image studio where your personal stylist will ask some questions to find out more about your character and your personality, your lifestyle and your goals.
    • Your personal stylist will determine your best colors which suit you.
    • You will get the information about existing fashionable clothing styles and their specific traits and goals as well as the way to create them.
    • You will get the recommendations from your personal stylist about the best options according to your goals and needs.
    • You will get the detailed information regarding to specific traits of your personal chosen style and the recommendations about essential tools for it`s realization.
    • Your personal stylist will determine your body type and you will get the recommendations to your best clothing style with the detailed explanation of the options.
    • You will find out which fabrics you should choose according to your parameters.
    • The consultation regarding shoes and accessories.
    • Your personal stylist will give you the recommendations about clothing standards if you need to follow the dress code.
    • And in case of lack of strict dress code the stylist will just recommend you the best options of clothes which suit you with detailed explanation about tools for their realization.


    The result

    • You will look young and fit.
    • You will gain a skill to choose clothes which will work for your image.
    • You will wear clothes which correspond to your character.
    • You will find out about style and models of shirts, jackets and pants, casual clothes, fabric and  design according to your body features.
    • You will see the color spectrum which suits you best.
    • You will find out about optimal haircut and rim glasses according to your face shape.
    • You will learn the right way to choose clothes which are always relevant.
    • You will find out about your physique features and body constitution.
    • You will be able to create your own wardrobe according to your needs, physique and your lifestyle.
    • It`s going to be easy for you to choose and to combine clothes for any case.
    • You will know the easy tricks in choosing clothes for creating an illusion of perfect body.
    • We will tell you some professional secrets to make your shopping easier in your own.
    • You will learn to make a right choice and to choose really best things from countless tons of clothes as well as you will know how to succumb to sellers advertising less.


      This session usually takes between: 3 to 4 hours


      Every man which values his time and style needs a functional and rational wardrobe. Your wardrobe – is a basis and there is no possible way to do a full work on your style further without it. A wardrobe analysis – is an optimal way to make this basis to worthy condition.



      • to create an accurate and comfortable wardrobe;
      • to check if all clothes of your wardrobe fit you well;
      • to rid off the whole irrelevant, shabby things of your wardrobe which you don`t need anymore;
      • to create ready-made clothing sets for any life occasions (from available wardrobe items);
      • to learn the best way for mixing different items of the wardrobe together;
      • to find out which clothes in your wardrobe are lacked and why;
      • to get stylist`s recommendations concerning the choice of clothes for the future.


      The Process:

      • a stylist comes to your home;
      • the whole clothes of your wardrobe lay out to the visible place;
      • a stylist gives you reasoned recommendations concerning every single item of your wardrobe during the analysis (whether it suits you, how much it relevant and if it fits to your personal style etc.);
      • a stylist creates ready-made clothing sets from the “approved” things for any life occasions;
      • by the end of analysis you will find out which items you should buy to improve the functionality of your wardrobe.


      Why is it necessary?

      • To understand the mistakes you make in clothes choosing.
      • To hear an expert opinion about your wardrobe.
      • To look attractive, modern and expensive every day without wasting time to the question “What to wear?”.
      • To know which items of clothes you need and which no.
      • To rid off everything needless.
      • To analyze the wardrobe before doing shopping to avoid getting needless purchases, to make a shopping list together with a stylist (a detailed list of needed purchases) according to the existed wardrobe clothes, prefered style and your lifestyle in general.


      The result

      • A rational wardrobe.
      • Ready-made clothing sets for any occasions;
      • The stylist recommendations for your wardrobe and a style generally.
      • All clothes in your wardrobe will fit together.
      • The acquired skill to make purchases in the future.
      • The conscious gathering for a holiday or business trip.
      • A clothing care skill.



        The main task of the stylist – is to save client`s money!


        First of all, you will forget about stress, which you used to have when you did shopping, through the creation of rational wardrobe, as well as you will separate concepts like “a good investment” and “a fashionable purchase”. It will let you to get an optimal wardrobe in the shortest possible time without much effort.


        Goals and tasks:

          • creation a new image according to the goal;
          • planned purchasing of necessary basic items of clothes;
          • preparation for vacation;


        • renovation of summer/winter wardrobe clothes etc.



        Shopping process:

        • We determine your goals and preferences, make a shopping list and negotiate a budget.
        • Your personal stylist thinks over a shopping route according to the established budget and a shopping list in advance.
        • A stylist goes shopping looking for suitable clothes for you, puts together all items to the dressing room where you just need to choose.  
        • During the final evaluation at the dressing room the stylist reasonably explains whether you need certain item of clothes and why.  
        • Next you just need to make a choice and to buy the most liked items.
        • A stylist always has discount cards of almost all shops so you will guaranteed save your budget.


        Why is it necessary?


        • Shopping with a stylist – is a way to make your life easier entrusting this to the professional!


        • Saving time! Shopping with a stylist saves your time!
        • Saving money! There is no unplanned purchases with a personal stylist because you will buy only those items of clothes you really need!
        • You will avoid annoying sellers which approve your choice anyway even if thing doesn`t fit you!


        The result

        • A great mood and no stress after shopping.
        • Fast. Easy. Effectively.
        • Self-confidence because you know you look great.
        • Availability of clothes which will work on your image.
        • The information about all of best stores according to your budget.
        • The whole clothes will be combined so you will save your money and time.
        • You will find out what you should pay attention on buying clothes.
        • Your new image or wardrobe which meets your goals.
        • Your clothes, shoes, accessories will be relevant and wearable for a long time.
        • All new items of clothes will be combined with your already available clothes.