Look for event

If you want to get a fast “Wow Effect”, I can suggest to you a rapid transformation. This service is in-demand before an important event. According to the specific occasion I pick the outfit from your already available clothes and accessories. This option is the most simple and it doesn`t require a lot of time and facilities.
If you want to wander people around you – so you can`t do it without shopping.
At first, if I didn`t work with you yet, you need to tell me about your planned budget and about the expected impression of further transformation. I will ask you to send me your photo and, in case of need, you should take your body measurements and then I will go to look for the options of clothes for you. Also, I accompany you to the beauty salon where I give instructions to masters of hairstyle and make-up you need and then I control the whole process. Or my team and I come to your home and then we “direct beauty” without leaving your home.

Also, you can use this service before your photo shoot.