Color Analysis Consultation with Color-type Determination

Duration1,5-2 hours

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
Coco Chanel

Color diagnostics break down all stereotypes. It`s based on directional color analysis method which is used by Association of Image Consultants International the main rule of which is: “all colors suit you, you just have to find out your personal best shades of them”. You will find your perfect colors and , also, you will find out the major rules of combining colors according to your individual features.

You will see the whole power of color and the effect it has to your appearance, and, also, you will find out the way to transform yourself with colors and shades help.
If you know the right way to manipulate color, you will be able to create the stylish wardrobe which includes compatible items of clothing. Thanks to this, you will be able to make lots of outfits and to look different but stylish even if you have not much clothes.

When you find your personal color palette, the Color will become your powerful ally forever.

Duration1,5-2 hours

    What to expect from your appointment?

    You will sit in front of a mirror and watch the whole process. Image-Stylist will drape you in various colored fabrics, more than 130 colors, which are demonstrating changing of your appearance depending on the different colors and shades near your face.

    After this consultation you can purchase your personal color palette. It includes 42 colors which suit perfect special for you.
    The Image-Stylist will teach you to choose your perfect color and shade among lots of options and you will learn rules of combining colors.

      What do you take away from the consultation? 

      The most effective color combinations for you:

      • your natural seasonal color type with help of professional colored fabrics;
      • the detailed analysis of your seasonal color type features, the characteristics of colors which suit you perfect on all items: warm/cool, clear/soft, dark/light.You will find out about visual correction methods – the way to look taller and slimmer by using color combinations;
      • the practical experience of color combining, the work with individual color palette will teach you to understand coloring nuances, you will learn to analyse color by several features. It will let you see which color suits you and which is not;
      • determining of color spectrum for your basic wardrobe;
      • determining of color palette for your accessories;
      • general recommendations about right choice of make-up shades and color of hair dye which will accentuate your natural beauty. 

        Best color*

        If you know your right colors and understand well your nature coloring, you will always make the right choice.
        After this consultation you will be able to evaluate your wardrobe by yourself, you will see if it matches with your color palette to leave you only best clothes, and also you will be able to pick new clothing which color suit you and to form your individual image.


        Best color* – is a palette color which is going to be the winning and accentual one special for you, which suits you most.