Personal Stylist Miami, Florida

Good afternoon!

My name is Yulia Mazur. I am a personal stylist – Image Maker.
I know, it is a long and hard way to self-discovery, self-acceptance and to awareness of your own uniqueness and individuality. That`s why I am going to accompany you for the whole this way.

I have been interested in Fashion and Style issues since childhood. I was always delighted with reading books and magazines about new trends of fashion industry. Fashion Master Classes and lectures always inspired me. All my friends and relatives always asked my opinion when they were choosing clothes, only my opinion and my taste were crucial in this matter. But, it used to just be my hobby.

After university graduation I spent 10 years bringing up my three children. But, for the whole that time, I didn`t have the main thing – Job Satisfaction.

Then I took the decision – to act!
I got an Image Consulting Education at the English company “Colour Me Beautiful. Nowadays I am an accredited by The Association of Image Consultants International specialist. The main specialization – is a Color Analysis of appearance and a Personal Image Consulting.

I was honest with myself, I knew and accepted myself and my desires. And it changed my life. That`s why I became the person who I have been wanted to be for a long time but I have been just afraid to be that person. I was afraid to ruin an established way of life. It was unbearably frightening to realize that I`ve betrayed and lied to myself, founding excuses for everything avoiding any risks.

There are two kind groups of people – people which want to make some changes and people which are ready to make these changes.

I made my choice – I risked and, trust me, I have never regretted about it!
The most important things in everyone’s life – to live in harmony with yourself, to enjoy life and to love yourself. Here they are happy life rules. When you accept yourself, the harmony will be everywhere around you.

Really beautiful woman are always kind to another women and to people in total. She doesn`t accept any rivalry, intrigues or cunning. People which do things they love and make a progress are always inspire me. A person, which is developing all the time, loves himself with all responsibility because he must be worthy of his own love.

As everyone knows, the person who doesn`t love himself, doesn`t love anyone.

So how it possible to love yourself adequately, if you are achieved nothing, you don`t respect yourself and, in your opinion, everyone around you is guilty of it?

There are completely minor changes in appearance, when woman start perceiving herself and the nature of her beauty. It gives the push to the positive inner changes.
I love to see the happiness in clients` eyes and two weeks after to get messages with enthusiastic stories about the marvelous internal and external personal transformation after our meeting.

I want to invite you to the Image Transformation! Let’s go together through the path to self-discovery, self-acceptance, improving and love yourself. We will make your image to work for you and your goals!